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Recognize a Leader

Recognition Matters.

Turns out, people like recognition. They are happier, more productive, and more engaged. The community benefits when people understand what good work others are doing. It inspires others to go out and do good work, too! Recognition is an important part of a healthy business environment. It Leads Business Growth. And we're here to facilitate the path to recognition.

Consider nominating an organization, individual, team, co-worker, neighbor, friend - whomever is appropriate - for recognition by the Greater Rockford Chamber of Commerce. They (and you) will be glad you did.

Rotating Honors

While many award are bestowed annually, there are specific awards that are on a 3-year rotating timeline. Please see nomination windows for award timing.

People You Should Know

People You Should Know Honorees are individuals who are compelling, interesting, and amazing people who deserve their time in the limelight. These are people you admire for their work, drive, dedication, and commitment to what they believe in and for having that certain vibe of energy about them. These are business individuals you classify as special – people you really want to know, network with, and are proud to have be part of the Rockford region.

A list of previous honorees is available for download in PDF

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The Superlatives

1. Most Likely to Take Over the World
2. Most likely to Get Something Done
3. Most Likely to Brighten Up Your Day
4. Most Trustworthy
5. Most Unforgettable Person
6. Most Iconic Artist
7. Best Dressed Person
8. Knows Everyone in the Room
9. Best Shoulder to Cry On
10. First to Volunteer
11. Class Clown
12. Most Hopeful for the Future
13. Best Motivational Speaker
14. Most Likely to Save the Planet
15. Most Adorable Office Pet
16. The Hustle Award
17. Smartest Person in The Room
18. The Up & Comer Award
19. Best Amateur Chef
20. Best Professional Chef
21. Drives the Coolest Car
22. Hardest Working Volunteer
23. Most Unique Workspace
24. Inventor’s Club
25. The A.V. Club
26. Rockford’s Booster Club
27. Most Impactful Duo
28. Varsity Team
29. Rockford’s Pep Band
30. The Rockford Spirit Award