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A stronger business community builds a stronger Rockford.

Members of the Greater Rockford Chamber of Commerce are business leaders in the Rockford community, working together to solve major issues facing the Region through collaboration, expertise and education.

When You Join the Greater Rockford Chamber of Commerce

  • Your commitment to growing the Rockford community through your chamber membership generates value among other companies looking for local partners
  • You become connected to a community of experts in their respective fields
  • You are recognized by our members for your expertise
  • You have dozens of opportunities to join Chamber networking groups, committees, and boards
  • You have a team of experts at the Greater Rockford Chamber who want to help you connect with new customers, vendors, and partners
  • You have access to talented writers, speakers, graphic designers, and sales staff willing to help your company achieve new goals
  • Your employees and staff can develop leadership skills and connect with other business leaders through successful educational programs with a proven track record
  • Your voice is amplified as a part of the business community when we work together to advocate for the business community among city, regional and state political leaders
  • And you have a voice in the direction of the Greater Rockford Chamber of Commerce as we enter a new age of opportunity and prosperity in Northern Illinois