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About Us

Hi! We're the Greater Rockford Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Rockford Chamber of Commerce has existed since 1912 with the sole purpose to Lead Business Growth. The founding officers and members of the Chamber wanted the organization to be "a forceful working unit for the good of Rockford". But what does it mean to Lead Business Growth? How are we a forceful working unit for the good of Rockford? Truthfully, the work of the Chamber lives in our members.

It lives in small organizations finding access to elected officials who can help remove barriers to funding. It lives in educational programming that helps managers be better leaders and keeps organizations out of compliance issues. It lives in groups of executive-level women navigating broken glass at their feet from the ceilings they’ve shattered and a tribe to help them best determine how to continue to fiercely lead their organizations through tumultuous times or periods of growth. It lives in the manufacturers looking for new markets across seas or new collaboration partners across town.

We have helped countless businesses grow and expand. We've been a constant advocate for a strong business community - removing obstacles, influencing policy, and forging partnerships. We have recognized, trained, and encouraged leadership development for our current and future workforce.

We exist to Lead Business Growth. And we are here for it. Here to help business with their unique needs be the very best they can be in the very best business environment we can create, with the very best people we can train. We are the Greater Rockford Chamber of Commerce.

Our Mission: Leading Business Growth
The Greater Rockford Chamber of Commerce delivers benefit to the community by leading in the promotion of economic growth, advocating for the interests of business, and providing service and educational opportunities that help our members grow.

Meet Our Team

Caitlin Pusateri


Melissa Adams

Executive Assistant

Doug Hessong

Director of Publications & Technology

Alex Keedi

Business Development Manager

Carmen Kellerman

Events Manager

Kristin Muehlfelder

Member Relations

Matt Zarembski

Director of Investor Relations

Meet Our Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Terry Voskuil headshot

Terry Voskuil


Lesly Couper headshot

Lesly Couper

Vice Chair

Conor Brown headshot

Conor Brown

NorthWest Illinois Alliance of Realtors


Wendy Alsteen headshot

Wendy Alsteen

Hard Rock Casino

Travis Anderson headshot

Travis Anderson

UW Health Northern Illinois Region

Armondo Cardenas headshot

Armondo Cardenas

Affordable Insurance & Tax

Paula Carynski headshot

Paula Carynski

OSF Healthcare Saint Anthony Medical Center

Jean Crosby headshot

Jean Crosby

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Crosby Starck Real Estate

Dietmar Goellner headshot

Dietmar Goellner

Advanced Machine & Hennig Engineering

Thomas Green headshot

Thomas Green

Barrick, Switzer, Long, Balsley & Van Evera, LLP

Mick Gronewold headshot

Mick Gronewold

Fehr Graham

Troy Haggestad headshot

Troy Haggestad

Williams McCarthy LLP

Dr. Sheila Hill headshot

Dr. Sheila Hill

Think Big Corporation

Jeff Hultman headshot

Jeff Hultman

Foresight Financial

Nate Jordan headshot

Nate Jordan

Small Business Development Center

Steve Kotso headshot

Steve Kotso

Collins Aerospace

Carly LaMonica headshot

Carly LaMonica

LaMonica Beverages

Frank Wehrstein headshot

Frank Wehrstein

Dickerson & Nieman Realtors

Ex-Officio Directors

Tom McNamara headshot

Mayor Tom McNamara

City of Rockford

Caitlin Pusateri headshot

Caitlin Pusateri

Greater Rockford Chamber of Commerce

John Groh

John Groh

Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

Michael Dunn, Jr. headshot

Michael Dunn, Jr.

Region 1