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Rockford Facts & Figures

The Rockford area is located 715 feet above sea level in the northern Rock River watershed at the top of Illinois. Along the beautiful Rock River and its major tributaries: the Kishwaukee, Pecatonica and Sugar Rivers, Rockford contains some of the world’s most prime agricultural land and is blessed with proximity to central infrastructure and distribution hubs that serve to strengthen its economic vitality.

Almost 30 percent of the U.S. population lives within 500 miles of the Rockford area. Rockford and the surrounding communities have a population nearing 375,000 and a diverse array of more than 15,000 businesses. It truly possesses the best of big city and small town living.


The Rockford area is blessed with four seasons and variable temperatures and precipitation. July is usually the hottest month of the year, with an average daily high temperature of 83 degrees and a normal daily low temperature in the 60s. January usually is the coldest month with an average daily high temperature of 27 degrees and an average daily low temperature of 11. The hottest temperature on record in the Rockford area was 112 degrees on July 14, 1936. The coldest was 27 degrees below zero on Jan. 10, 1982. For up-to-date weather information, visit

Climate Averages

  Avg. Winter Temp. 22° FF
  Avg. Summer Temp. 71° F
  Avg. Annual Rainfall 36 inches
  Avg. Annual Snowfall 39 inches
  Avg. Annual Days Below Freezing 144
  Avg. Relative Humidity (AM) 84%
  Avg. Days of Precipitation 117.5 days

Population, 2003 estimated

  City of Rockford 151,725
  Winnebago County 293,993
  Rockford MSA 348,360

Income Characteristics

  Median Family Income $38,523
  Per Capita Personal Income $21,422

Households by Income Bracket

  Number of Households 59,827
  Under $24,999 19,612
  $25,000-$49,999 17,325
  $50,000-$99,999 15,734
  $100,000 and over 7,152

Tax Structure

  Property Tax 33.3%
  ($12.1825 per $100 equalized assessed value)
  Sales Tax 8.25%
  Personal Income 5%

Workforce Data

  Civilian Labor Force 72,767
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