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Human Resources and Organizational Development

Tim Ancona
Ticomix, Inc.

Managing Change in Your Organization

This presentation will cover the principles of change management and review a ten-step approach for effectively managing change in your company.

Cindy Brown

Northern Illinois Hospice and Grief Center

Managing Grief in the Workplace

This presentation will teach employers about the benefits associated with supporting grief in the workplace, and how to provide a safe and understanding workplace environment that allows employees to grieve.

Bradley Gummow
Local Businessman/Investment Manager

Life Is Great - Why All The Stinkin Thinkin?

"Life Is Great – Why All The Stinkin Thinkin?", is meant to inform and entertain while encouraging all of us to "reach out" to younger colleagues, pointing out the path to success and/or helping that friend/colleague that may be in a funk. Mr. Gummow is also able to speak on other issues including the economy, investment markets, and various financial issues.

John Morrissey
Staff Management

Outsourcing Employees

This presentation explores alternative human resource management strategies, as well as how such strategies can positively impact the success of your business.

Jim Pape

Six Sigma -- Outside the Shop

This session will provide an overview of the benefits and challenges in deploying Six Sigma in service-focused or transactional processes, such as hiring, purchasing, sales, etc.

John Rearden, Jr.
Oliver Close, LLC

Managing the Risks of Employee Claims

The number and cost of employee claims continues to grow. Learn the most common claims against employers now and in the future. Discuss effective strategies to prevent claims, and to reduce their cost without compromising your organization.

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